About Us

BK Holding is a construction company based on traditions and having long-term experience, with 30 years of operating history.

The holding units 3 companies, namely: BK CONSTRUCTION - as a construction company, Development company - White Square  and Construction College - Construct2 and

The holding aims to improve the quality of construction in the Georgian market, for which the company is supported by a team of mechanical engineers with many years of experience, a group of qualified and trained craftsmen, high-quality and energy-efficient building materials and successfully completed large or small projects in both, construction and development industry. 


BK Construction

Construction company with 28 years of experience, which offers a full range of construction services, as well as reconstruction, modeling, renovation and design.

Building Resources


The highest quality, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building blocks of the German brand YTONG are already being produced in Georgia.



Construction college, which trains new qualified personnel of the building industry. The college aims to improve the quality of construction and promote employment.


White Square

development company, which currently has 9 ongoing projects